Friday, August 6, 2010

very shocked...

paling mengejutkan...itu yg aku rasa...bile tgk vid yg member aku post kat fb...sampai mcm ni skali kurang ajar pelajar2 skang...memang ade cte2 yg aku dgr dr cikgu2 yg bdk2 skang dah lain...semakin brani....tapi langsung tak terpikir smp mcm ni punya kurang ajar...
kalu zaman aku dulu memang dah kena terajang la kalu mcm 2...bkn nak lawan ckp, nak tengok mate cikgu pun gerun...kalu bleh lari memang lari siap nak bertumbuk lagi...
so kwn2...ape pendapat tentang vid ni????

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

remote emergency care

Location: Peninsular Malaysia :To Be Confirmed No’ Spaces: 11 Price: RM 1100.00 per person


4 Day Course concentrating on remote/wilderness first aid. The course content will be orientated around outdoor enthusiasts & individuals working in an outdoor environment. Topics such as; casualty evacuation, scene management dealing with an incident, tropical diseases, wound care, dehydration and more will be covered during the course. The first two days will concentrate on the REC Level 2 course & the last two days will cover the Level 4 Advanced course. For more information on the course content please


On completion of the course each participant will be awarded two British First Aid Qualifications:

1. REC Level 2 Certificate
2. REC Level 4 Certificate

Each certificate is recognised internationally & will be valid for 2 years from the date of completion. 

British REC First Aid qualifications are currently not offered in Malaysia & BOE have been given this unique opportunity. Possibly the only outdoor first aid course ever to happen in Malaysia!

Book your place before theyre all gone!

For more information or to book please contact BOE as soon as possible:

Via Email: or by

Phone: 013 8888 761

Thank you


tomorrow is gonna be a big and nervous day for me as tomorrow will be the day where my form 3 ibnu khaldun and 3 cekal will  be battling in a war that is English Language's quite dreadful to have this feeling but i just have to go through it.supposedly, the students should be more nervous, but indeed the teacher herself just couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow. i'm thinking how are they going to answer the paper especially when it comes to essay writing that is Paper 2. i'm expecting to see smiling faces once they get the question papers. hopefully, what i aim for the trial will come out and the students will manage to answer it in peace.

again, it's not an easy feeling for me as the results will be the benchmark for the real PMR. i'm just afraid that they will leave the page blank with nothing to write on. i have told them many times that never ever leave the page empty without answers. at least, if they write a few sentences, the will be granted with at least 2 or 3 marks for the effort in writing something. this really tests my credibility as an english teacher as english is always regarded as the killer subject particularly in my school. i have put all my effort in ensuring that they get the best out of me.i know i'm not as good as the senior teachers. just started for two years and still want to find the right track in teaching them. 2 years is still new and i still need lots and lots of experiences and guide by the senior teachers. as for me, i'm very lucky because my ketua panitia, kak intan is a very happy go lucky person who doesn't push me too much as she understands all the workload that i am assigned to.thanks to her for understanding my condition in the school...:)

whatever it is, i just pray hard that my students will achieve success in this trial. hope that they remember my advise and do as what they are told to do...insyaallah..amin..:)



Sunday, August 1, 2010


First and foremost, Alhamdulillah...:) must be wondering why right? well, today is our third month anniversary since we started on the 1st May 2010. so grateful and thankful that he's been here with me all the time. never stop supporting me in whatever i do. always wants me to do the best. never give up in giving me the best of him...:) that's my beloved MUSTAKIM HASHIM...:) a very happy 3rd  month anniversary  to you, abang... i hope our relationship will be blessed by Allah...Amin....:)

Feels like i've known him for quite a long time but in just a blink of an eye, it has moved on to the 3rd month. although sometimes there are ups and downs in our relationship, but we manage to overcome it. it goes on steady and what mattters the most is that he is very dear to me, special to me and will always be with me eventhough we are far away from each other. Kuantan and Melaka is such a long journey to be travelled to. i realise that he is the one that i want and once again thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to be loved and give love to someone who deserves to get my love and care. never thought in my life that i will meet him. he meets all the criteria that i need. definitely, i like an outdoor person as i am, myself is not capable of being an outdoor person.hehe!! and one more thing, we do share some common interests. some of it are like singing the ads songs together and to my surprise he even knows all the songs that i know. that is a BIG WOW for a man like him.hehe!!!but, anyway, i like it...:)

anyway, i hope that this blossom relationship will last forever...i'm just so in love with him and will never ever let him go from me. will take good care of our relationship and i do hope you guys bless our relationship.just wanna let him know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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